Friday, April 17, 2009

Is it 5 yet?

I hate when Friday afternoons drag.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kids, Don't Try This at Home

100,000 Miles! Yah, lots of people have cars with more miles. But these miles are mine all mine and the first time I've ever bought and driven a brand new car all the way to 100,000 miles. And I may just be looking for meaning in my silly milestone, but I think it's pretty cool it has happened within a couple days of the 1 year anniversary of my dad's death, who was a lifetime car man. So I documented the countdown with my camera phone. Not an easy task as you'll see below and not exactly legal either I'm sure.
No one was injured in the making of this film:


Monday, February 2, 2009

The Little Things That Make You Happy

It used to be those things were getting a 'bonus' on a first date, or better yet, getting a bonus from someone you just met at a party, or telling drunk stories about your friends while making fun of them, or hearing about the dumb things you did while you were drunk.

Good Times.

But my how things have changed. Today what I'm extremely happy about, with no exaggeration, are 2 things I never thought I'd really give a crap about.

  1. My oldest son is no longer sleeping on the floor of the master bedroom and is back in his own bed. FINALLY!
  2. My youngest son has quit using his 'dabby' to go to sleep at night. He had already pretty much given it up for all other occasions. ("Dabby" is his pacifier, don't ask me where the name 'dabby' came from.)

For the second one it took a little mischief on Dad's part. Our old pediatrician gave us the idea a while back and I finally put it to use. I cut the tip of dabby off!

Next time he asked for it I gave it to him, he stuck it in, pulled it out, looked at it in utter confusion and I thought, oh crap here comes the breakdown. But he just looked at me and said "Daddy, dabby is broken". Awww, uh-oh better throw it away then son. He asked for another one, but once again mischievous Dad lied and said they were all gone. He actually bought it! Knock on wood, it's only been 3 days, but so far so good.

I thought I did it one day too early since it would have come in handy to sneak him into "Walking with the Dinosaurs" as an under-24 month old (free admission). But we were able to sneak him in regardless. We're such good influences. Next week I'm going to have him meet me at the back door of the movie theatre and I'll let him in that way. J
Now, it was bad enough he's 2 ½ and was still using a pacifier, but the next thing we STILL have to work on is potty training. The next little thing that will make me happy. (And may require some drinking on my part once again just like the old days).
Good Times

Friday, December 19, 2008

Blame The Economy

That's what we're doing. No Christmas cards are going out this year. Not because we're lazy, forgetful, or procrastinators. Nope, it's the economy. Yah, that's the ticket.

The wife wonders why we lose touch with our friends so much. We both love our friends and love to be included in things, but I don't think she grasps the idea that things should be reciprocal. And I'm tired of being the girl and nagging her to get things like this done.

I know that sounds bad, but it is usually me that gets these things out every year. And no one says it's the wife's job to do. I just feel bad that we're not.

I had a stack of free cards to send from people like American Cancer Society, Feed the Children, the Little Lighthouse, and other charity groups asking for my donation in exchange for these cards all ready to go too!

Hey, I didn't say they were going to be special or personalized!

It's the thought that counts, so get off my back! Blame the Economy!

Merry Christmas! (I'll be in the dog house probably until New Year's if you're trying to reach me)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bragging and Bitching

I'm not one to write one of those Christmas letters to tell all my friends and family about the last year and how great everything is and how perfect my children are and why you should be jealous because my life is perfect and yours sucks, but I am going to bitch a second about my oldest son while in the process of bragging about him.

Brag: We don't like to use the term, but our child is considered "gifted" and goes to a school for the gifted. Bitch #1: It's not even close to cheap.

Brag: His teachers tell us that he is even extremely intelligent when compared to his peers in his class. He loves to read, loves math, a very good academic kid. The only time he gets in trouble is 'free time', when he's not being challenged he gets bored and hence gets in trouble. Bitch #2: This is a problem, because if he gets bored and not always challenged at a school for the gifted, can you imagine how much trouble he'd get into if he went to a 'regular' school (that would be a whole lot cheaper)!!?

So lots of thoughts through my head now.

  1. Is this really just what the teachers at expensive schools tell all the parents so we'll keep paying the outrageous tuition?
  2. Do I want a son that is smarter than me already…and he's only in kindergarten? (Don't get me started on his questions concerning the election.)
  3. Do I need the pressure? The economy is not good. Do I sacrifice our standard of living just to pay for his school and consider it an investment?
  4. He has a little brother. I want him to be in the same school, preferably the gifted school, or do I? Did I mention it was expensive?

One thing's for sure, my parents never had to struggle with this dilemma!!